How to download and install the Windows 7 AIK

The Microsoft Windows 7 Automated Installation Kit (AIK) must be installed before creating a Casper Startup Disk.

Downloading and creating the Windows 7 AIK Installation Disc

Microsoft makes the Windows 7 AIK available for download as an ISO disc image file, which must be burned to a DVD to produce an installation disc.
  1. Download the Windows 7 AIK ISO disc image file from the Microsoft website:

  2. Once you have downloaded the ISO disc image file, it must be burned to a DVD to produce the installation disc. In Windows 7, this is accomplished by right-clicking the ISO image file and selecting Burn disc image or Open with -> Windows Disc Image Burner. On other Windows platforms, you must select the option to create a DVD from an image file in your DVD burning software. For additional assistance with this step, please see Creating a CD or DVD from an ISO disc image file.

Installing the Windows 7 AIK
  1. Insert the Windows 7 AIK installation disc. The Welcome to Windows Automated Installation Kit screen should appear. If this screen does not appear, browse the DVD in Windows Explorer and double-click StartCD.

  2. Click Windows AIK Setup. Following the installation wizard to complete the installation of the Windows AIK.

    Welcome to Windows Automated Installation Kit

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP SP3

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